Shotcut crashes unusually often; 9 tracks with m2t (1440)

My video format: m2t is a mpeg format, 1440x1080 with pixels in aspect ratio 1.33. It is the now quite old HD format, recorded on DV tapes.

I convertet to:
And now it is much more stable.
I will see how it develops further.

now Shotcut crashes only every 15 min - is not nice, but already much better than with the original m2t files.
I will do a similar project with normal mp4 files, I am curious and will report.

I have a camera that shoots .m2ts (AVC + AC3 + PGS subtitle) at 1920x1080@25 and haven’t had any abnormal crashes while editing them. I only used 2-3 tracks though and not very short cuts (I’d say most were at least 10s).

Are the clips overlapping each other on the tracks? Are they on a fast drive? Maybe the large number of small reads are the bottleneck.

No overlapping and no fast drive.

I suspect it’s the large number of tiny short clips.
In each of the new tracks, the clips are split into very short passages of less than a second, so there are about 500 clips total spread over 9 tracks.
I’m starting this project again, but now with .mp4 files. Let’s see, when I split the clips with (S), if there are then also such crashes. I will report.

New project made, this time with .mp4 files that I had previously rendered with Shotcut from my old m2t.
Again 9 tracks with about 50 seconds each.
Then I cut the clips in each track about 50 times apart with S. This went with only one crash.
Then I have to move single, small clips from one track to the first, at this Shotcut starts to freeze every now and then and then crashes.
But if I have the program open and leave it alone for a while, do something with Firefox in between and then want to switch back to Shotcut after a few minutes - then Shotcut crashes again.
This is not a complaint and not such a big problem, because normally my videos consist of one, two, maximum two tracks and the clips are only slightly divided. I almost never have crashes with this way of working.

My question to those who know Shotcut:
What should you avoid if you don’t want to have crashes? What is the cause?
Is it the many tracks?
Or the many little snippets in each track?
The video format m2t probably doesn’t like Shotcut at all, but it doesn’t work perfectly with mp4 either.

What can be done, what should be avoided?

PS: Auto triage recovery works pretty well, so all is never lost. I’m also getting into the habit of saving more often.

Could you provide at least 1 of your m2t file specifications?
What are your system specifications?

  • CPU
  • Data Drives (HDD, SDD, NVME)
  • Memory

I don’t think it’s an issue of how many tracks, rather more or less the amount of memory that is being used, to data drive handling of files while using other programs. I don’t believe there is a simple answer to your questions. What this forum is lacking is people reporting back what works for them, and all specifications of their system and files used.

It has been recommended quite a few times in this forum to just simply restart your computer, and only use Shotcut, with no other applications.

m2t file specifications:

But the problem is not only this m2t, even with normal mp4 from Panasonic, Shotcut has problems when the project consists of so many individual parts. Please note that I almost never have crashes with Shotcut when I have small projects.

The problem of crashes with m2t is huge. But even with the normal mp4 from Panasonic, Shotcut has problems when the project consists of so many individual parts. Please note that I almost never have crashes with Shotcut on my computer when I have small projects.

Motherboard: ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming
CPU: Intel Core i7-8700k
Data Drives: Installation: Samsung SSD 970 EVO 250GB, NVMe M.2 ,
Video-Data: HDD
Memory: G.SKILL Aegis Series 2x 8GB DDR4- 3000MHz

“only use Shotcut, with no other applications” That is new for me, I will try it.

Have you tried putting your video files on the NVMe M.2?

Thank you Hudson555x,
I will give it a try, but i don’t think this will solve the problem, because shotcut crashes without working hard. Often in a time of waiting or already at startup.
I have almost got my project done now, once Shotcut also stopped while rendering.
I will avoid such projects for now.
Do you know the limits of Shotcut, how many tracks,how many clips?

Hello HUdson555x,
hier is the video, thank you for your time and energy:

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This is known as HDV, and it is notorious for not being reliable to edit especially with respect to seeking and frame accuracy because much of it uses something called “open GOP.” The next version offers to convert these files, but it just looks at the file name extension because we cannot detect open GOP without adding a bunch of code that would make file opening slower.

Hello Dan,
Brief Synopsis:
My project with many hundreds of very short clips is extremely unstable when using the original m2t (HDV 1440). Crashes every few minutes. Tedious to work with.
Then I converted the m2t to H.264 High profile with Shotuct, with that I completely reprocessed the project. Shotcut became more stable, crashes only every 25 minutes. Also crashes on startup or wait and once on render.
Could it be that the mp4 rednert from the m2t are not so good?

The problem is not so tragic, because from the many thousands of old m2t recordings, I have long since cut my videos with Vegas Pro. This one was an exception. Otherwise I have with my original mp4 no stability problems with Shotcut.

If you want, I could offer you the whole project via filebin, that you can see if it works better for you.

I have now tried the project with Kdenlive. I wanted to know and worked with the original m2t with 9 tracks with about 1 minute clips each, which I split about a hundred times. See screenshot (102, 58, 114 etc).
Not a single crash. The only unusual thing about Kednlive is that starting this project now takes about 25 seconds.

This is not meant to be a criticism of Shotcut, I just switched from Kdenlive and I have my reasons for doing so and I definitely want to stay with Shotcut.

Maybe this is a good hint after all, if it goes smoothly with Kdenlive, that it can also go one day with Shotcut.

I don’t stress about it now if Shotcut can’t do it yet, because I don’t do such a crazy project of so many small clips that often.

Started a new project with 9 tracks of normal 1920x1080 mp4 videos: No problem for Shotcut.
Then I cut / separated the clips in each track very often with “S”. Then the playback became very sluggish, one or two crashes. Starting such a project is then a problem: two times already crashed at startup, only started on the third try.
I conclude that Shotcut has problems with many clips in a timeline, even if the clips are very short,(1 second or less).
Is this known?

Hello @shotcut Dan
please, tell me if the problems are normal in Shotcut and I just have to be patient until they will be fixed sometime. Or if there is something wrong with me, my expectations or my system (Linux).

I sincerely hope that it did not upset you and the Shotcut team when I report that all these problems do not occur in any way in Kdenlive. I have now edited the same video with Kdenlive and in 6 hours of work have not had a single crash. Also the playback runs completely smooth, unlike Shotcut.

Maybe you know that I switched to Shotcut 4 weeks ago, after 18 months of working a lot with Kdenlive. I am still totally enthusiastic about the forum and the fast, very good help. Also about the filters, which all work great with Shotcut. But now I have reached considerable limits.

Please, tell me if it is known that Shotcut has problem when there are a lot (500) clips in the timeline.

I don’t know. I am not actively looking into the problem you experienced. When I face the problem myself, then I will.

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Please excuse me, because obviously I have pressed you. I certainly did not mean to. I am very euphoric to have discovered Shotcut. And my joy to do everything from now on, with Shotcut, has led me to be impatient and to approach you, as the leader, once again about the problem.
At no time did I even have the idea that Shotcut and the great team had to serve me. Rather the other way around, because you provide the software to us. I would like to give something back to Shotcut as my thank you.
Whenever you want, we can address the issue again.

The problem comes when there are a lot (a lot of Hundet) of clips in the timeline, albeit very short ones. Perhaps it is due to the generation (formation) of the thumbnails used in the timeline for each element at the beginning and end.

You can prove that yourself by disabling thumbnails and see if it reduces the crashes


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I tried it - no improvement, unfortunately.

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