New presets are added every time I change language and open Color from Open Others

Anything under Open Other that has a presets dropdown box exhibits this behavior. Specifically, default in the specified language is added instead of replacing that of the previous language.

Color and Text also adds transparent and black in the selected language. It’s a good idea as long as they replace those in the previous language. Otherwise, pretty soon the preset dropdown box list becomes too large, and I have to select my own presents among them.

Tested on v21.10.31 on Windows.

duplicate and not easy to fix

Do you frequently switch between many languages? I think this bug would be low priority since most people do not frequently change languages.

Definitely not frequently. Maybe once a month. Not many languages either. 3 or 4. I revert back to my default language shortly after anyway.
But since the color widget is especially easy to open and create 3 presets at the same time, I tend to have 9 to 12 presets within a few months time. That’s what I meant by list becoming too large.