New Animated text template

I made this editable text animation that can be imported as a MLT clip in other projects. What’s special about it (for me at least) is that the complete animation fits on a single track, in one clip…

This means that after I export the MLT, I don’t have to apply a blend mode when I import it in another project. It doesn’t matter what color the text and line are, they will stay opaque and the background will be transparent.
Another advantage is that it’s faster to export than if the same animation was made using 2 or 3 tracks.

In a couple of days, I’ll make the MLT file available in the Ressources category with full instructions on how to use it.


Looks great!

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Just amazingly brilliant. Love it!

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Bien pensé, très astucieux.
Je ne comprend pas bien la présence du filtre Mask: Apply avant Mask: Simple shape mais bon …

Well thought out, very clever.
I don’t quite understand the presence of the filter Mask: Apply before Mask: Simple shape but good …

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Thank you @bentacular and @jonray
I appreciate it !

Merci @Namna
Je ne comprenais pas non plus pourquoi ça ne fonctionnait pas en mettant les filtres Mask: Apply et Mask: Simple Shape dans l’ordre habituel. Le masque refusait tout simplement de faire son travail. C’est après plusieurs minutes de manipulations que j’ai découvert que, dans ce cas en particulier, ça ne fonctionne qu’en inversant la position des deux filtres.

I didn’t understand either why the usual position of Mask: Apply and Mask: Simple Shape didn’t work. The mask simply refused to do it’s job. After many manipulations I discovered that, in this particular case, it only works when the positions of the two filters are inverted.

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By the way, I’m currently working on the Help file I’ll include as a PDF.
Not sure I’ll have enough time to finish it today. So more likely the template will be available for download tomorrow.

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That is brilliant. Bravo!

Thanks a lot @robmason and @Andy_M !

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What is an “MLT” file? I tend to create moving titles in Apple Motion though as far as I’m aware they’re just called ‘Motion files.’

Example: projectxx.mlt
.mlt is the extension Shotcut gives to a file when you save (not export) a project.

So when my animation is saved as a project, it can then be imported (opened) in another project, as if it was an ordinary image or video.
See this video tutorial by @bentacular. He talks about this Shotcut feature.



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Huh. I’ve been misreading the prefix on Shotcut files. I always thought that that was “.mit,” not “.mlt.” I’m aware of the properties of that filetype, just didn’t get the prefix right.

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Being a bit dyslexic, I used to see and write MTL on the forum instead of MLT. Until someone severely reprimanded me about it. :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Now, I try to be more careful :slight_smile:

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Just say “MELT”

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I do that now.
When I was convinced the extension was MTL I used to think of Montréal as a reminder.
MTL is the abbreviation of Montréal.

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Correcting I can see.

A severe reprimand? That sounds a bit dickish, because in the scheme of things it’s a relatively minor mistake. Whether you call it “MLT,” “MTL” or in my instance “.mit” as long as we can determine what it is we’re actually talking about it doesn’t particularly matter.

It still hurts…

But seriously. I’m glad that person corrected me. Using the wrong words when trying to help people on a support forum is not very productive :slight_smile:

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I think I know who LOL!

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That’s the thing, correction is fine. That’s what you did for me and I appreciate it. That’s not the same thing as someone being a jerk.

Being correct, especially in reference to something like this, doesn’t entitle a person to mistreat anyone.

I can’t speak for anyone else but I don’t tolerate that well at all.