NEON text effect (with template)

As a follow up to this discussion, here’s my attempt at creating a neon text effect.

NOTE: This is ONE way to do it, if anyone have a better method, feel free to add it to this discussion.

To reproduce the effect, download and study this MLT file:
neon-sign_black-BG.mlt (7.9 KB)

I used the Neon 80s font, available for free on

Here’s the text without the effect:


And with the effect:


Here are the filters used (the order is important):


  • I used 2 Glow filters with different settings, but you can deactivate/edit one or the other to vary the intensity of the effect.
  • The Size, Position & Rotate filter can be activated and used to position and resize the text in your project.

And here’s an example of the effect used in a project:

I realize that this effect can be hard to reproduce for beginners, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.


@MusicalBox , excellent once again! Really cool effect. Removing a random single frame of
the transparent file on V2 also gives it that flickering effect reminiscent of films like Blade Runner etc. (My blatant use of your MLT for demonstration!)



Phillip K Dick would be proud of you :slight_smile:
I wonder how many fans of Blade Runner read the book…

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Very cool. Thanks for the instructions and MLT file as well, @musicalbox. Your stream of creative ideas seems endless! Please keep them coming!

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Thank you Jon!

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