Need too much memory (RAM)

Hi, I have a project with about 25 short video files and a new laptop. But the RAM-Memory is up to 95% in use. When I turn on PreviewScaling to 360 and “UseProxy” then I need about 75% and that is too much. How can I reduce the use of memory??

How much your RAM is? And if you are running the latest version of shotcut then their are some bugs still to be solved, So I suggest you to work on shotcut version 21.03.21 which I will link down so that it uses less memory and you work bugs and crash free.

What is your OS? How much RAM? What type of CPU? What type of videos?

From the FAQ:

What are the minimum system requirements?

Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7 - 10, Apple macOS 10.10 - 10.15, or 64-bit Linux with at least glibc 2.27.

CPU: x86-64 Intel or AMD; at least one 2 GHz core for SD, 4 cores for HD, and 8 cores for 4K.

GPU: OpenGL 2.0 that works correctly and is compatible. On Windows, you can also use a card with good, compatible DirectX 9 or 11 drivers. We do not have a list.

RAM: At least 4 GB for SD, 8 GB for HD, and 16 GB for 4K.

NOTE: If your computer is at the lower end of CPU and RAM requirements, you should use both the Preview Scaling and Proxy features to help reduce preview lag.

Hard drive: yes, get one; the bigger, the better :slight_smile:

Network: Shotcut does NOT require access to the network to activate, check a subscription, or send usage analytics. However, some links in the Help menu do link out to this web site. If you have files on a fast (at least 1 Gb/s) network share you can access them from there through your operating system.

I just added this help page

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