Necessary to add *.mp4 (2.2x) items to the Playlist?


I’m wondering also with 19.12.31 that (currently 20.02.02) that there will be add items to the Playlist, if I accelerate the speed of a clip (e.g. Test-Clip.mp4 and Test-Clip.mp4 (2.3x)).

(But I do not know, if it was already all over the previous versions.) But, is it really necessary to add this? I mean, I do not really need that…
To be honest, to me it is disturbing, because I loose the overview of what I’ve already put into the Playlist.

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No, it is not even necessary to use the Playlist at all. And it does not automatically add things to the playlist when you change speed.

Oh yes, it does…

I didn’t do it myself…

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Unable to reproduce. Provide clear, exact steps.

Just had some tries…
Took a new clip, dropped it into the Timeline and set speed to 3.0x, a new item was added.
I reloaded the project, made it again, same clip. No item was added.

I will have further notice on that…

Do you use hot keys or mouse movements to add things to the timeline? Any chance there is a hot key overlap for “add to playlist” with your translation? I’m totally grasping at straws here.

Drag&Drop by mouse.
The additional item is always named with “original path + (3.0x)”. Or whatever the acceleration was/is.

Ah, BTW: As I tried a little with that “Added Item” thing, I also noticed that another item was deleted. And also today I also could notice that e.g. a Color item was “gone”…
I have always a Color in the Playlist, mostly simply Black, made with “Open others” -> “Colors”. But for reasons, it was deleted from Playlist.


Shotcut: v. 20.02.02 BETA (portable TAR)
OS: Linux Mint 18.1-64-KDE

And it did it again… :slight_smile:
Now the “victim” is the music file (mp3).

I hadn’t noticed it, since I just had a look, if I already added another mp3 file.
And I was able to determine that there is no mp3 file at all.

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Did you know that undo may undo adding things to the playlist? Add something to the Playlist and look in History. It shows an action that can be undone.
When it affects me, and I notice it then I will try to do something about it. Otherwise, you are providing no useful information to help and simply nagging.

Will the Playlist bug (Added/Removed/Moved Items) be fixed?

Yesterday, saved at the “To go to bed”:

Today: Nothing added, nothing removed, nothing moved by myself in the Playlist. Only changing the time speed on one clip, moved some clips in the Timeline and added two clips to the Timeline:

I have currently a pool of ca. 1200 own images and clips! To me a workable Playlist is important.

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