My YouTube Music Videos

I recently started using Shotcut for my YouTube music videos that I make. This was made on my new 2023 MacBook Pro with the M2 Pro Processor.

Except for the singing and the horn section (Backing Track), everything is me.


That was really fun to watch. I see you have more of these on your channel. Please keep making more. For future videos, I would like to request:

  • Outfit changes for each part
  • Place different things around the room for each part so I can look for differences in the room
  • More dancing/moving during breaks in the part

The sound is terrific. Do you do post processing on the instruments?

Thank you!

I’m currently having severe balance issues, so you won’t see me moving around much. The audio is all done in GarageBand on my MacBook and the video is done with my built-in webcam (1080P). I then have to line the audio from GarageBand up with the video for each instrument separately. After I have all the separate videos completed I drop them into my video editor with the final audio track at the bottom. It can be quite the pain getting the completed videos lined up with the final audio track!

Soon I’ll have a dedicated music room for doing all my music. :wink:

This is the whole completed song in GarageBand with all the tracks. The top track is the singing, second track is the brass horn section (both backing tracks). Everything below that is me… cajon, tambourine, bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar. I export this as a .mp3 and that’s what you see as the audio track at the bottom of Shotcut. :wink:

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Great job!

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Thank you!

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My latest video of the same song edited in Shotcut with my drummer friend playing drums. He shot this using his iPhone 14, so the sound is nothing like what I can get using professional recording equipment, but not terribly bad.


At first glance I thought it was you playing the drums :rofl: Or a twin brother.
Love your videos. Great job! I subscribed to your channel.
I miss Amy Winehouse. She was one of a kind. What a voice!

Thank you!

Yes, Amy Winehouse had a one of a kind voice. BTW, this is a backing track done by people that make covers. So this is not actually Amy Winehouse singing, but the girl singing this sure has an incredible voice!

She sure fooled me. Even when comparing your cover with the original song, it’s hard to tell the difference.

It really does sound like Amy. I suppose it’s possible for someone to get a hold of an isolated track of just her voice. When I get these backing tracks some are very close to the original song and some are way off.

I don’t think that’s actually Amy. Out of interest, do these not get any copyright strikes? I’ve included some really obscure music in a video or two and had a warning from YT.

I’ve never had a copyright strike. Some of my videos do show that they are copyrighted, and some don’t. The Amy Winehouse video does not show that it’s copyrighted.

One time I had a GoPro mounted to my SUV’s windshield and was horsing around driving through about a foot of snow that we had just got. I didn’t even notice that my radio was on and you could barely hear it, but YT picked up on it and sent me a warning. LOL

This is the video. Just before I get home you can hear the Bee Gees song playing. If you click on the “Show More” in the video it shows the Artists, Writers, Record Label, etc. :roll_eyes:

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good job, great musician! you should be inspired by the video of The Lockdown Sessions by Roger Waters…
the image/sound sync must be less obvious!, but the B&W are sublime for this type of video.

I used B&W in this video and the beginning. The original video “The Way - Fastball”, starts out kind of like this as though you are watching them on an old B&W TV, with the sound very tinny and a low volume. Then as the music ramps up, it changes to color.

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Nice video.
For inspiration check out Anne Reburn, she really master this type of video


Border improve the look of a split screen video a lot

add a color clip on the bottom track and 4 tracks above with video and a SPR filter with the following values.
Top Left : 6 , 0 ( 948 x 533 )
Top Right : 966 , 0 ( 948 x 533 )
Bottom Left : 6 , 546 ( 948 x 533 )
Bottom Right : 966 , 546 ( 948 x 533 )

I have created a little python script to calc the values

Create some Size, Position & Rotate preset for the 4x4 sections.
Select “Settings → App Data Directory → Show” to open the data folder
unzip the file above into this directory

full project: (165 Mb)

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Awesome video! Well done!

TimLau, that was an awesome video! I can’t even imagine how you could sync all of that to the music properly.

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Yes, it will take a lot of experience, you have to sync each video and audio for each clip and render it to a separate video.
When you cut/mix the clips with included audio so they match and then you can work with placing the clips in separate frames.
Using a DAW like reaper there supports video is properly the easiest way to go