My Shotcut project - Football match

I just thought I’d post this new project of mine, and also a screen capture of my timeline, for general interest to Shotcutters and to show Shotcut in action, specifically how you can use multiple audio tracks to mix audio.
So, the project - just for my amusement and personal use, I captured some footage of the recent England v Germany Euro 2020 match in which England won 2-0 (apologies to German forum members for my excitement, but wins against Germany have been few and far between. The last time we beat Germany in a major tournament was the 1966 World Cup final!!) :relaxed:

Anyway, the footage was mainly taken from the BBC and ITV “highlights” footage available on YouTube.

I then composed a piece of music, “Livewire”, created the backing track in Cubase, and recorded me playing the flute part.
Then I edited the footage to fit the music, so as to make a short documentary of the match, and also edited the audio tracks to mix the commentary, my backing track, and extra football crowd noise.

Below is the result, plus a video of the screen capture of Shotcut showing my timeline (note the screen capture is of the “nearly final” version so it varies slightly at the end).

A note about copyright - I’m aware that UEFA hold the copyright to this footage and I’m posting it on the understanding that I used the footage just for my personal use (non profit, intended to be seen by just a handful of forum members) but if anyone objects to me posting it here then let me know and I will ask Dan to remove my post).

PS England have now beaten Denmark in the semi-finals and progressed to the final against Italy on Sunday. C’mon England!! :wink:

The video:

How I made it:


Nice!, I do not watch football or soccer actually, because it’s not my favorite game, but I wish India also played in UEFA, then I would have also been excited in football, however, Cricket is my favorite sport, and sadly☹️ (Sorry to the users of new Zealand of this forum) India lost the ICC Test Championship and New Zealand won the game, Kyle was player of the match. Hope in 2023 India wins the ODI championship (Sorry to the fans of cricket from other countries, but still a person would cheer his own country).

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Wait, wait, wait! England also plays cricket, Let’s see who wins the ODI @jonray . Till then my Thumbs Up to England so they do thier best, and till then watch one of our most funny advert for ICC world Cup (If you are able to find english subtitles for this video):-

And "Cricket ka Crown hum agli bar to le hi jayenge! "

We will definitely take the Crown of Cricket next time!

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Hi @Ar_D ! Unfortunately I don’t really follow cricket, despite living 1 mile away from a major English cricket ground… . However that ad is hilarious!! Although I’d have liked to see the Queen doing some body-popping at the end …

I don’t think it actually NEEDS subtitles LOL - I’m getting the gist! :wink:

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Very nice @jonray. Being Canadian, I prefer ice hockey, but soccer is getting more popular here since a couple of decades. And this is understandable. Hockey equipment for kids can cost a lot of money (up to $200 and $500 for goalies) and needs to be upgraded every year. By comparison, soccer equipment cost almost nothing.

I’m impressed (and a bit jealous) at your computer for handling previews so smoothly with that many clips, transitions and audio/video tracks.
I get almost the same results with proxies ON and Preview Scaling at 360p but not when there are more than one audio track

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Very nice on also posting the video of the timeline. It makes you appreciate the editing that was actually done. Watching the finished clip makes it seem as if it was just a process of cutting the different video clips together and adding music underneath but watching the video of the timeline shows that there was quite a lot of editing with the audio. The editing came out very nicely. :+1:

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That’s a good way of condensing a soccer match. As always the flute playing was well done. I liked that you showed the Shotcut project. It was interesting to see that you had 2 layers of crowd noise.

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Thanks @musicalbox !

Interesting because I’m capturing from my less-than average 7-year-old laptop which has only 8Gb RAM… It has bog-standard integrated Intel audio but also a Radeon graphics card apparently (according to the sticker on the laptop case)… I’ve always wondered how I can tell which of those graphics cards is being used by Shotcut. If anyone can help with this I’d be grateful.

Thanks @DRM. The BBC original footage was about 9 minutes and the original ITV footage was about 15 minutes, so there was indeed a lot of splicing and co-ordinating to do. Also careful positioning of the commentary to match the action.

Yes, I layered it with a general football sound effect mp3 (just searched “football crowd WAV”) to try to get the audio sounding smooth. You may notice I often added fade-ins/outs to the commentary to help with this.

BTW, The editing took me about an hour. Makes me realise how skilled the editing guys at the BBC are who often have to make a compilation like this in a very short time - for example to be played at the end of a live match transmission. I have no idea how they can do it so fast…

You understood, but I will make subtitles for this video when I come back to home. And also when the guard from west indies grabbed another person, his dance became a very famous meme in India.

England good luck for ICC World Cup 2023!:wink:

Hit CTRLALTDEL and click on “Task Manager”, then click on “Performance”, then on “GPU 0”. This will show when the Graphics pProcessing Unit is being used and broadly speaking what it is being used for. Rather than a separate graphics card your laptop is liable to have an integrated GPU, which is incorporated on the same chip (die) as your CPU.


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Thanks @elusien. I didn’t know how to do that. Seems that my laptop uses both my integrated GPU and my AMD Radeon graphics card at the same time. Interesting.

Outstanding - both the editing and the music!

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