My question is: can i get my video back and how

I was edeting a video but than suddenly i couldn’t click on anything, every button didn’t work, not on my keybourd but on the screen, this hapaned . I couldn’t even quit Shotcut. So i restarted my pc. Than i tried to click on the project where i was working on under ‘‘recent projects’’ but when i clicked on it everythinmg was gone…

So my question is: can i get my video back, if yes than how can i get it back.
please awnser because i spent alot of time in my video.

Possible. You can look in the autosave folder. It doesn’t sound like Shotcut crashed though, so there may not be an autosave file there. But it’s where a look.

Since you didn’t state which Operating system you are using, refer to the FAQ to locate where to find the autosave folder location.

If there is no autosave file, then you’ll have to just go back to your last save.

Thanks for reacting.

Where can i find the autosave folder? Im pretty new wich shotcut so thats why i ask.

My apologies… I completely messed up my original reply, which I just corrected.

Look in the FAQ link above to find the location.
The location is different based upon which operating system you use.

Example… this is how it looks like in Windows 10.

In Windows version of Shotcut, I can also get there by doing this.

thank you, even though i just saw an older question and got my video back.

Thank you for your help

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