My initial evaluation

Hello everyone on the forum. I have been using WMM for 10 years (the old initial version) and found it good, simple to use, but lacking features, hence I am looking for something better.
The first program I have tried seemed to have most things i required but continually let down by clips continually moving and changing out of position and save feature always a problem - lost much work many times.
So my look at Shotcut. Please forgive if I am wrong, but Negatives (I find) are ; transitions have to be dragged (80 odd times is not fun), cannot change clip durations without dragging, editing text . All basic for me but neccessary. Feel like giving up already.

It might have been better to ask, isn’t it?

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Welcome to the forum,

Shotcut is Free Open Source Software developed and maintained by a couple of people, not a piece of software developed by a multi-billion dollar company called Microsoft. Having said that the capabilities of Shotcut far exceed those of Windows Movie Maker for all but the simplest of tasks. There are many examples on this forum that people have made that could never have been done with WMM. the use of keyframes, HTML animation and complex filters are some examples.

There are shortcuts for doing many operations, but like most things if you don’t know how to do them they may not appear to be straightforward. Take your example of transitions. It is possible to do 80 transitions in just a few minutes. Admittedly it is not as simple as setting a parameter (e.g. transition = 2s), but it isn’t a big deal either - see here:

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The upcoming version of Shotcut that will be released sometime next week will have a slideshow generator where you could do transitions for this amount of clips at one time.

By the way, have you gone through the tutorials of the program on this page: Shotcut - Tutorial Videos

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