My export is getting stuck at 13 percent

When I try to export my video the export job gets stuck at 8% or 13%.I was trying to disable parallel processing. I could not see it anywhere. Is this feature not available in the latest version? I reinstalled shotcut many times. It does not work.

My shotcut version was working fine till 2 or 3 hours ago. One of my jobs got stuck two or three times. Then, I downloaded the new version and it is still getting stuck. I need to finish my work urgently.

Can somebody help me? I am attaching the job log here. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

See here for some suggestions:

It is the last option on the “ADVANCED” tab when you have clicked on “EXPORT”.

Parallel processing does not appear on 32-bit because it is already turned off to reduce memory usage because memory is very limited (for video editing) on 32-bit. Maybe you are exceeding a memory limit. Monitor its usage while exporting. Figure out where 13% is on your timeline and see if you can simplify something that might be causing a problem. Export portions of the timeline as described in other similar threads. Your job log is not revealing a problem.

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