Error at 17% exporting mp4 file

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Hello, this is my first post at this forum. because I have serious problem.
i have latest version of shotcut in my windows 10 computer.
In my project I have many sources as files mp4 and mp3 added.
I try many settings to export file as mp4 file but sometimes when its done then I have only audio file or unfortunately I have error in 17% of progress.

I uploaded a file with log.

Please help me. Its important for me to have valid mp4 video file,
Sorry for my English language :slight_smile:

Please help.

[consumer avformat] error writing video frame: -28

I do not know why this occurred. Maybe you ran out of disk space?

I have 5GB in my Windows partition (C:) and 55GB in second partition (E:) where I always try to save exported file.

I was created smaller project - have 11 minutes. Previous has 53 minutes. But it’s still the same. I got the same error :frowning:

I don’t know why :frowning:

Not at the same percentage?

You can check removing the pieces around the X percent of your project (where X is the crashing time.).
Sometimes It Worked for me.
PS : 55 Go if it 4K is not so much for a long edit.

When it fails, is there any error message recorded at the end of the application log? Click on:

view > Application Log

and scroll to the end.

With shorten project I have same error like before but in 86%.
I’ll try removing part of end my project.

Why in main profile I have successfully exported file in program, but when I open it then I have only audio without video, and file size is also small ?
Before I used high profile.
Elusien: here is my application log shotcutlog.txt (25.3 KB)

The logfile is not very helpful. It confirms you have plenty of space available, but doesn’t give a clue as to why the export is failing.

I would try debugging it thus.

Copy the original (shortened project) MLT file and work on that copy.

Calculate where in the timeline corresponds to 85% and make a cut.

Make a cut at 87% and delete the 2% section.

Try exporting the file. If that works, you know the error is in the cut-out section.

Try exporting that . If it fails, repeat the above sequence on the cut-out until you find the frames in error. Or you may see that there is a filter applied at that point, so try removing the filter.

With this type of problem there is no “magic bullet” that will fix the problem. It is just a case of narrowing down the area of the problem.

I had a similar issue with my first project: the render blocked at the same frame every time I tried to export it. I asked suggestions here and someone told me to try to export the project in blocks of videos until a certain frame and then join them in one project. So I exported it in three parts: the credits block, block one (with the “nervous” frame) and block two and it worked! In my case it was a memory problem due my old petrol powered pc, but the final result was what I was looking for. You could do the same thing: export the project in blocks of videos and look what happens.

Hello everybody. Thanks for help.
Problem solved ! :slight_smile:
For the solution it was a partition file system.
Previous has fat32 (it has a limit - file must be less than 4GB) and when I convert partition to NTFS then everything goes great. Without any problems.
Now my one hours project is exported.
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