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hello guys. i want to get a bit into editing together with a friend and we want to cut some streams. now i want to use separate audio tracks, so we can eliminate some of unwanted sound, which was streamed to twitch, i hope you understand what i mean. i got the right settings in obs and i can choose the different audio tracks in my player software. if i remux the mkv file to mp4 in obs it works too, so i import the mkv-file into shotcut. but wait, there is only the first audio track and even after separating there is only one of them. same problem is with the mp4-file. no multiple audio tracks. can someone help me please?

Properties > Audio > Track
If you need more than one audio track from the same file, you need to add the clip again to another track and change its Properties. Each clip object has its own properties with a track selection.

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i changed the audiotacksetting at properties from 2(stereo) to 6(5.1). is that right or is there more to do, cuz its still just one track if i separate them

ohh. now i got it. thank you for the hint.
no more help needet for now

Aha! I just learned something new …

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