MP3 Export Fail

Hi all,

Suddenly I cannot export a video file to MP3. I have done many of these and always worked.

Yesterday I tried the same thing and it fails instantly. It does not matter what video file I try and export the audio file on it always fails instantly.

Update - I can export on WAV but still not on MP3???

I tested with Shotcut version 21.10.31, and it works fine for me.

Are you exporting with the MP3 preset in the audio section?

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Yep. Doing it the same I have always done and just fails instantly. I can still produce video no issues and is only an MP3 export problem.

What is your operating system and Shotcut version? Has either been updated recently? Also, what does the log say if you right-click a failed export job and look for error messages?

Just to be pedantic … it is not possible to export a video using .mp3, because mp3 is only an audio format. You can export just the audio from a video into .mp3, but never the actual video.

(I’m guessing you are indeed wanting to export just the audio, but thought it wise to clarify just in case …)

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All the latest. The failure is apparently because the file failed to open the folder through OneDrive. Works fine on MP4 but when exporting to MP3 it fails to open.

Are you able to export to your computer’s physical drive?

It is the physical drive. Just synced with Onedrive. MP4s export fine to the same folder.

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