Moving clips in the timeline

There is no good solution to moving clips. If you place a clip on the timeline, it will overwrite the clips that are in the way. Since there are no support for selecting multiple clips, there is really no way to move clips except if there is space. You’d have to move very many clips… This is kinda hard to explain with words, so I tried to illustrate it…

Hope you understand…


Good idea - I like it!

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Yes, I would like to have some support for this in Shotcut too. My usecase is that when I remove some clip from timeline, there is gap, then I have to remove gap and move clip behind and do this stuff for all clips behind removed one. It’s annoying sometimes.

Hi, I don’t know if I understood very well the problem but here is my shot to help. When I need to move one clip and paste it like I understand from your drawing, I use the Paste button after the Cut and the clip will be inserted in the playhead position. All clips on the right of the playhead will be moved right to accommodate the pasted clip.

Also sometimes I need to move many of the clips in the timeline to accommodate more clips on the left. I go to the File -> Open Other and insert a color clip with the time length I want. This way I move the clips and have more room to manipulate the clips on the left without having to mess with the ones on the right.

The needed options are available in the timeline tools:


As a workaround, you can use the cut and paste tools. I think this is what sismeiro means.

Short video tutorial:


Hi, like I said in the other thread, the only thing I would like to had is that if you put the playhead right after the end of the clip you will not need to remove the space two times.

Also this works even if the clips were you are inserting are next to each other and also if you want to paste the clip in the middle of an existing clip and this way separate it.

I wouldn’t call it a hack since I think this was the intended way for this to work. We new users or at least me, still don’t understand all the possibilities and ways of doing things with Shotcut.

Thank you for contributing with the video.

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Hi, made a fast video explaining what I meant with this. Now I have the necessary space in work in the timeline right after the first clip. When it’s done I only need to remove the added space and have a continous video without the gap. I hope this helps someone.

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+qubodup Yeah, that’s exactly what i meant :slight_smile: Cool he (or you?) used my image xD

+sismeiro Yeah, I see, great workaround there :slight_smile: But still, it is something that should be implemented in shotcut, either support for selecting multiple clips, or just that the clips would automatically move away…

Thank you for your help :smile:

I would also like this feature.

I would like this feature as well.

Selecting plus move/copy/paste multiple clips is a basic feature in almost every serious video editor. I’m really looking forward to have this feature in Shotcut. A serious production of long movies is very hard without this feature.

You mean for ex move a block of video to the right?

Y just create a simple object (black frame for ex), select the duration you need and intercale it.
Then suppr and it’s done.

Yes, that’s the way it works on one track. And it could be done with several tracks by doing it track by track, that is the hard way. What I would like to do is this:
I have a lots of carefully timed stuff, videos and audioclips, on several tracks. I would like to move this multitrack section, all the clips on the tracks together, just by selecting the area by mouse or ctrl+leftmouse clicking the clips and then moving or copy/paste the whole selected stuff.

Why not export this part in a lossless codec and use it in your project after?

Or just open MTL as a clip and use it in the project?


I’m new to Shotcut having just abandoned Pinnacle Studio because of reliability issues.
However, one good Studio feature, which I’m missing, is a grid view as an alternative/complement to the timeline.
Every clip can dragged & dropped to the grid, and regardless of length, it occupies the same amount of space on the grid, ie 1 square.
There is a Grid View (View as Icons) in the playlist, so something similar for the Timeline.
If implemented well, moving would be really easy, and new clips dropped in. For long timelines, or even when there are many short clips, this would be much easier.
Perhaps it could go on the list?

In Shotcut, you can make a playlist-only project and export it. Timeline is not mandatory.

Ah, thanks. Just what I was after.