Move Super freely

hi there, im so happy to know Shotcut getting better and better each version.
i think i got some input for very basic need to newcomer user such as primary kids.

  1. hopefully Shotcut can have an automatic add new track if some clips move to new track in timeline like this

instead of this

3.and able to use delete button on keyboard to delete track

but in Shotcut, it does nothing like this:

4.lastly, i hope you can add per “scene” export to right click button

i really hope this ‘less-hassle’ needs can be implemented someday.


nb: im using the v20.02.17 for this one

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This is definitely planned.

able to drag and drop straight into timeline

You can already do this today from Playlist, but I presume you really want to drop from an external file manager. That will be attempted sometime in 2020 but no promises. You can, however, drag multiple from file manager to Playlist, and then drag one or more from Playlist to Timeline in v20.02. Whatever other tool you are showing is NOT doing drag-n-drop from the file manager! It says in the UI “Project Media / Imported Media” which is analogous to Shotcut’s Playlist.

add per “scene” export

This is available today using Playlist. You should be using Playlist instead of Timeline if this is what you intend to do. It is not required to use Timeline in Shotcut. Some have argued for the need to see a waveform while editing. That is a valid argument. So, today for that, instead of using Playlist as a project media bin/folder, remove all, for each desired Timeline clip: select, Copy, + in Playlist. Then, in Export > From choose Each Playlist Item.

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for number 2,
yes, youre right, i can straightly put it to the timeline from the playlist. my mistake, i put different video :sweat_smile:

for number 3, i mean, for clip that i slice, i hope theres some kind of straight render to that part directly.

and lastly, can i suggest for this feature:

so when i drag it to another video, and try to move it, it doesnt delete the previous video…