Default video tracks on timeline

I always end up adding 2 video tracks to the timeline before editing at minimum, could we have a feature to automatically add x tracks(let the user decide) when creating a new project to fit our workflow(s)? or maybe have a field on the new project section under the video more for #tracks (be they audio or video) to add when creating the project?

I’ve been using this solution for well over a year now:
Setup a project as fully as you would like (e.g. 3 tracks, 2 audio tracks, track filters, color grades, intro-clips, etc)… Save as My_Template.mlt then make the file read-only at O.S. level. Now you may open that file to start every project.

At some point you may of course want to modify your template, simply mark the file writable, make changes, save, then mark read-only again. – Why make this read-only?? because often you may accidentally click save on a project in progress overwriting your template accidentally.

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I mean, that works as a hack for now, but this seems like the kind of UI change that could help everyone long term and wouldn’t be super difficult for @shotcut to implement

I do this, too. I find it very convenient.

To top it off, if you have common filters that you add to a track or the output, you can add those to the template file. My template for home movies has a file date burn-in overlay and compressor and normalize filters.

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@shotcut had said before in response to a suggestion from @ryu_joko that he has planned to revamp the timeline behavior at some point in the future so that new tracks are added automatically when you move a clip above or below a used track:

So whenever that gets implemented it would essentially take care of this request as well.