Move parts in two tracks at the same time

I got a project with two tracks. In one track are “titles” in the other short clips. Now i want to fill another clip with another title in the middle.
Is there a way to move both tracks for the same time? In “my way”, after i filled the new clip, i have to “correct” all the rest clips and titles, because they “moved” not the same in both tracks…

We’re assuming the titles are text filters applied to transparent color clips on V2.

What about animating the title on V2, then create V3 and copy-paste the V2 title onto V3. Then edit the V3 text filter (or V2, doesn’t matter) to be the new additional text. Since the keyframed SPR filter was copied identical on both clips, the movement should be identical.

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My bad, I saw “fill another clip” and thought you wanted to copy animation on a clip as opposed to make room for another entirely new clip.

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