Motion Blur Workaround?

I know that there isn’t currently any motion blur filter, so are there any workarounds to still achieve motion blur or something similar?

It depends.

In some situations, the Trails filter can do the work:

In other cases, the Blur: Box filter will work better. Use also the Unpremultiply filter to remove eventual black borders. The limitation is that there are only horizontal and vertical directions. If your object moves from top left to bottom right for example, the effect won’t be too convincing.


It’s not a perfect execution in Shotcut. I’ve run some tests, but it still can’t match other editing programs in quality. In this particular test, I used a combination of Trails and Blur.


Yes that is a perfect solution. Sorry for not replying sooner, I don’t use notifications.

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Hi @Patientboi - this thread from 2019 might be interesting …


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