Motion blur (extension to the suggestion)

I know this was already suggested by another user but I would just like to extend upon the idea. I have made a workaround for this effect which uses multiple layers of different opacities, where each layer is slightly ahead of the previous by 1 frame.

This is what it looked like in the timeline:

This is the result of this workaround: (Mediafire download directly from me)

This is the MLT file so you can try this effect yourself with your own videos: (Mediafire download directly from me)

This method could probably be compacted into a neat filter where perhaps each track could be spaced 0.5 frames apart instead of the 1 I used here. A slider to adjust the amount of blur would also be useful.

I hope this idea is considered.


Hi @scellycraftyt - I like it! Actually it’s quite a simple concept (advance each clip by 1 frame, each clip set at 50% opacity) but it works really well. I’ll experiment with this. I’d like to see what happens when varying opacity levels are used - say 70% or 80%.

Yes, it would be great if someone could make this into a filter. I don’t have the knowledge to be able to do this but I know there are some talented people here who could.
Great work! :+1::+1:

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You could try the vertigo filter. It does a reasonable motion blur. The settings need to be fine tuned to get a good result. It does not work with multiple overlaid tracks.
Get the filter here. Vertigo

I had a look at it and it does make a good motionblur effect but the zooming is slightly irritating. I’ll see if I can edit some of the code in it to modify the zoom function.

Hey, @Elusien. :slight_smile: Is it possible for components of the Vertigo filter to be adapted to create a proper Motion Blur filter?

Da Vinci Resolve has a specific effect option for motion with 3 parameters. Here is a good video demonstrating it:

You think those parameters can be mimicked to create the filter in Shotcut?

I’ll have a look at this to see. Otherwise I’ve been doing a little research and have an idea of what to do. Once I get some time, which is taken up with family visiting at the moment, I’ll have a look into testing it out.

Cool! Keep us posted! :grinning:

That would be brilliant! Thank you!