How Do I Make Motion Blur?

I am trying to make motion blur when there is a lot of movement in my clip but nothing on the internet show me how i can do it. Does anyone know how to do it?

Hi @eli, it’s been discussed a few times on this forum. There’s no automatic motion blur feature (yet?) (maybe?)… but forum member @sauron did a pretty good demo in this thread:

Two other threads worth reading: this one by @scellycraftyt :

…and this one maybe:

Scellycraft’s method is a good approximation to how a one version of a proper motion blur filter works:

Frame 1 = Frame 1 (F1)
Frame 2 = (F1+F2)/2
Frame 3 = ((F1+F2)/2 + F3)/2
Frame 4 = (((F1+F2)/2 + F3)/2 + F4)/2

i.e. new frame = 50% opacity of current frame plus 50% opacity of the calculated previous frame.