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I’m still trying to figure out this time remap function. I’m dealing with music videos in which the tempo sometimes drags. I generally render an audio only file from my raw video, and adjust those parameters on a separate piece of software. I then create an audio track on Shotcut and import the processed audio to that,

Sometimes I need to fix tempo on an audio track, so that when it’s imported to Shotcut, the length will be off by a second or more. I need to match the video length to the audio length. I can’t really figure this process out from what I’ve read. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

Does the problem extend across the entire clip as a constant factor? IOW, is the whole music track just 1.01x too fast or too slow (or some other number like that)? Or is the problem specific to certain sections of the clip - is the music in time up to MM:SS:FF but then it drifts off over the next bit?

If the problem is the former, click on the audio clip, then click on the Properties tab. Notice that you can adjust the speed of the audio clip:

The clip slowly decreases in tempo/ I’ve been splitting the track in several places, and adjusting the speed as you mentioned, but I’d like to simply ramp the tempo gradually across the entire clip. The ramping adjustments using the time-ramp function aren’t granular enough. If I could adjust the tempo gradually until I reach a certain percentage point, say 5% or so, it would be great.

Hmm. I’m afraid I’m out of ideas, but that doesn’t mean much - I haven’t gone very far in my audio explorations in Shotcut. Hopefully someone else can step in with a solution!

On edit: well, maybe I spoke too soon … I did have one experience where I was processing audio separately from the video, and I found that when I used some codecs on the audio (e.g., when saving it from my Audacity manipulations), it would be out of synch with the video, but if I used other codecs, it stayed in synch. I don’t recall the exact details, but maybe this will point to something to play around with …

You can adjust the tempo using the keyframe in the keyframe tab.

James Woo has a tutorial on it.

Did you read the documentation here? Search for “time remap” and it’s the first search result, in the #docs category.

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