Mixing Video and stills in the same project

I’m a novice, trying to use video software for the first time. I have 1920 by 1080 jpeg stills and mp4 videos stored in my computer. Have been trying to place the stills on one video track and the videos on another. My script starts with video and then calls for a still on the second or third cut. When I start with the video it plays fine, but when I add the still the video track disappears. Or, the program crashes. Is there something about mixing stills and videos that makes this happen? Or, perhaps does something need to be adjusted in the settings of either my videos or stills?

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Hi and welcome cb5
I’m not sure I understand 100% your problem, but here’s how I would put video clips on one track and images (stills) on another track.

1- Clic the 3-bars icon on the timeline

2- Clic Add Video Track

3- Repeat step 1 and 2 to create a second track above the first one. You end up with tracks V1 and V2

4- Import your video and image files in the playlist (File/Open file)

5- Drag a video file in track V1

6- Drag an image file in track V2

You can then move, cut, edit each files in the tracks, add other files, create other tracks if you need etc…

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Yes, thank you. I am doing all of the above exactly as outlined in the tutorials. The problem is that when I add a different type of image to track 2 (ie. starting with a video on track one, then add a still on track two) one of two things happens: Either track one disappears, or the program crashes all together. I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced that, and what the cause might be. It seems logical that I’m doing something wrong, but I’m not able to figure out what.

That’s weird. Shotcut will occasionally crash on me, but I’ve never seen a track disappear. That is out of my juridiction, sorry :confused:

After further examination, it isn’t the addition of another video track. It’s the addition of the SOUND track that is making the files disappear, or the program crash. I pre-recorded the sound track. It’s 36 minutes, mp3, 33 mb in size. Is there a size limit on an audio track, or on total size of the production?

As @MusicalBox said Shotcut will occasionally crash. I’ve never experienced disappearing tracks and problems with mixing images videos and audio.
I’ve loaded 4 to 5 2 hour movies in SC with no problem. A 36 minute audio file is not going to kill the application.
Uninstall Shotcut then reinstall it. Check the box that says remove registry settings.


That might clear up some issues.
Also try and convert the mp3 to a different format.

Limited by memory especially when using the 32-bit version. I am not seeing the problems you describe, but for Windows users Settings > Display Method fixes a lot of weirdness like you seem to be experiencing:

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