Mistake in Filter "Mask:from file"

This is a great filter: In combination with chroma key: I can create additional transparency, means virtually expand the ‘blue-screen’. But for example using “Bar Horizontal”, I have to decide to fade on the left side or on right side, and therefore I have to invert/reverse the mask. But both checkboxes “reverse” and “invert” do another thing, they invert the effect by taking away the transparency from ‘chroma key advanced’, instead of adding transparency. (related Issue? Chroma Key and Masking Issue)
Both checkboxes seem to do exactly the same (and activating both of them gives the same result as none of them).
I’m sure that one of the options is meant to invert the mask, another to do what it does now: to decide the action of either adding transparency or inhibiting transparency generated by another filter (which also is a great feature).
Can this get repaired, and then also better labels for these checkboxes? (like: “invert mask” and “reverse transparency”)

This effect overwrites the existing alpha channel and does not compound it. Not every filter that affects alpha channel offers operations. That is a limitation, not a bug. Here is the engine documentation for the invert and reverse options:


Invert is not strictly inverting the mask, and I do not want to argue about labels. Further documentation is pending here:

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