Missing source files for project lost in emptied trash bin

I accidentally put some source files for a project into the computer bin and emptied it - they are gone. Now the project won’t open due to these missing files not being locatable. Is there some way I can still open the project and replace the lost files with some new ones so that the project can continue ? Silly to do this but things happen sometimes, It’s not shotcut’s fault but rather mine. Can I ro-open and recuperate the project that is almost finished ready for export ? Otherwise it’s a complete re-do of project.

What version of Shotcut are you using? When you open a project that is missing files, Shotcut will open a window to ask you to find those files. In your case, you could use that window to choose different files.

See an example here:

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Yes there is a way.
@Robocop when you open that mlt, a dialog box opens asking that the files are missing.
So on that dialog box you can double click on the each file and select a alternative file that you have in replacement of the lost one.
So then the project is ready to be exported.

But the only glitch here is that you need to create a replacement file for each of the lost ones.

Hope it helps.
Thank you.

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