Mint export problem

i am using Shotcut version 22.09.23 on Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon from the software manager and when i have saved the project with a name it does not export with that name. it comes up empty and i have to retype the name in each time. i am exporting from the timeline and this also happens when i try export from the playlist but when i try export from the playlist items it says the directory does not exist. i only want to export from the timeline anyways…
this did not happen in ubuntu or in windows. i tried to look for a setting and have done some googling but all i can find is that it meant to default to the name of the project like it does in windows and ubuntu.

There have been problems like yours with Software Manager versions. You could try the portable version and see if that works. See here:

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thanks for your reply. i downloaded the appimage and it does work.

I’m glad to hear that is sorted for you. The distros bundle Shotcut, but the original developers cannot check every single one. They accept responsibility only for the ones on the official download page below:

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