Merge multiple subsequent/consecutive clips

I’ve created a color track with markers per this suggestion, but later realized I had too many splits. Turns out it’s not possible to merge more than one clip; only the next one, to the current clip.

Previous requests for this functionality:

In the meantime, a shortcut key to Merge with next clip would be a sufficient workaround, or making the context menu accessible.

Non contiguous clips cannot be merged. That will never be possible for media clips. I guess you are asking for an exception on color or still image clips.

Correct, I was only talking about contiguous clips. My use case is splitting a clip, then later, wanting to unsplit several parts of it (without undo-ing unrelated interim operations).

In this screencast I’ve split the clip, shown how each clip has “Merge with next clip” enabled, which makes me think that if I select all but the last clip, I should conceptually be able to merge them all into one, in one go.

Related issue: after I’ve merged two of them, I undo the operation, and you can see that I’m no longer able to merge any clip with the 3rd one. Looks like the Undo makes them no longer contiguous?

Currently, multiple selection is only used when moving and deleting clips. Not copy, cut, remove, merge, changing Properties, changing Filters, etc. See Road Map on the web site.