Maximum File Size Shotcut Can Handle

I had a movie I wanted to edit that was 3.2GB in size but Shotcut would not let me make any modifications to it. I knew that exporting it through Shotcut would reduce the size a bit so I did that (using default settings). Shotcut cut 1.4GB off of the movie without reducing the quality at all. I am very pleased. But even at the reduced size (1.8GB) Shotcut won’t let me make any modifications. That makes me wonder what the maximum size is that I can edit with Shotcut. Where can I find this information?

Ted Smith

Hi @TedSmith001
If there is a file size limit (witch I doubt) it is certainly higher than 1.4GB.
This morning I imported a 2.6GB MP4 file in Shotcut and had not problem editing it and adding other clips in the timeline. And I was working on my second computer with only 4 gigs of ram.

  • Can you describe what you mean by Shotcut would not let me make any modifications ?
    Does it freeze, crash or something else?

  • What kind of file is your movie? Select your clip in the timeline, go to Properties, click the Display menu of additional actions button, click on More Information… and click the Save button to save the info in a .txt file that you will drag into your next post here.

  • What version of Shotcut do you use ?

  • What is your computer’s operating system? (Mac+version, Windows+version, etc…)

As large as your hard drive. There is no hard drive available that can exceed the file size limits of 64-bit. Of course, there may further limiting details based on the particular video file format used, but this is not the source of any problem you are experiencing. Shotcut does not modify your video files. It only lets you apply changes on top of one to make a new file.

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