How long can be a final video?


Does Shotcut have a technical limitation to final video lenght from software side ?

I do use to have 2 hrs videos without issues … Can I have 1000hrs video or longer / shorter ? how longer /shorter ? or my computer hardware or memory is the limitation ?

I got this question into my youtube channel and could find this information :frowning:

thanks in advance !

There was a similar question about a month ago. See:

great … so no limitation from software side … this is only hardware limits like free space on HD , free RAM memory and CPU usage … ok thanks

There are some software limits, but I do not know what it is. It depends on whether you need the timeline or not, whether you need waveforms and thumbnails, and the number of tracks. Also, it depends on free memory, not just physical RAM. There are many variables. There is a numerical limit to a frame count that is used throughout: 2147483646. The maximum duration depends on the frame rate. At 60 fps that is 9942 hours. However, the timeline will have a problem well before you reach that.

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The part of this video editor that is in contact with the chair will have a problem long before I reach that.

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