Mark a certain part with a circle

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Is there a practical way to mark part of the video with a circle for a certain time using Shotcut?

Thank you.

Depends what you are really trying to do. You could use two simple shapes and size the second smaller than the first, but for this type of thing I always find character map to be easiest. Here is a sample. Just add as text and resize accordingly.



Open Other > Animation (Glaxnimate)
Easy to draw a circle, but it does not have a drop shadow. You do not necessarily need to animate it, but it is very handy to do so if you need. After creating it you need to add it to a video track above. Tutorials are available on our Tutorials web page.


I started to make a quick tutorial on that same subject a while ago.
It’s not 100% done, but I just uploaded what I have so far on YouTube. I guess it’s enough to give you a good idea on how to create a circle with Glaxnimate @Ertan.

About the shadow. It’s true that there is no blur filter in Glaxnimate. At least I didn’t find one.
But there are other ways to add a shadow if you don’t mind the extra steps.

Here’s one: In Shotcut, duplicate the Glaxnimate clip on the track above, and apply these filters to the clip on the lower track.


Many thanks to everyone for the replies.

I will try…

Hi Ertan,
I made a red circle with drop shadow using HTML/CSS.
Then I imported it into SC and overlaid it on a music image to give this:

(My demo has 4 circles just for demonstration purposes)

The zip contains all the files needed to reproduce this.
Double-click the HTML file.
Make a screen-shot of the browser window and save as a PNG or JPG. I used Snipping Tool (Windows).
Import in Shotcut. There are two black horizontal lines at the top and bottom because the screenshot wasn’t 1920 x 1080 pixels exactly.
So I put it on V2, with a colour clip #808080 (half-grey) on V1 ,applied a Blend Mode:Hard light to V2 and exported as a frame (PNG).
Then, new SC project:
Base video/image on V1.
Red circle PNG on v2.
Apply Blend Mode:Hard Light to the PNG on V2. This removes the grey background.
Adjust size/position of the circle with the SPR filter.

The HTML can be tweaked to give a smaller or larger circle. (Note -The large circle in the demo above is pixelated because I enlarged the smaller circle in Shotcut but it would be clear if it was enlarged in the HTML file first).
Red cicle with drop shadow - files for shotcut (1.3 MB)


If you have any photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop) you can just create a circle on an empty background and save that as png (or any other format that supports masking). Draw the PNG to Shotcut on the track above and adjust length and position to your liking :wink:

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Small update - I tweaked the HTML file with the line:

      border:1px solid black;

to give a small 1 pixel black border to the inside of the red circle (delete the fake TXT extension):
Red circle wtih drop shadow 2 JonRay.html.txt (896 Bytes)

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Glaxnimate doesn’t seem to be very popular. I don’t really understand why to be honest. To create a circle or any other shape, it is faster than any other method in my opinion. And it’s not that hard to learn how to make these shapes.

I did a test. It took me less than 4 minutes to create these 5 shapes. That includes the initial launch of Glaxnimate.

I understand that Glaxnimate can be a bit intimidating at first, but if you take the time to practice a bit, these kinds of shapes are very easy to create.


Hin @musicalbox - I think you are spot on in your observations, and I fit this category perfectly - I’m just not finding the time to play with Glax right now (also 'm trying to get my head round the new MuseScore 4) so my solution used a method I’m familiar with.
I also liked @poisonedslice’s method using character map to create simple shapes and will investigate!
PS @musicalbox, good luck Canada v Belgium tonight :wink: :grin:

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@musicalbox, your red boxes are great, but being super-critical here - the lines do not always appear to be perfectly straight - especially in the last shape - or is it me? I was wondering whether there is now the facility to create perfect horizontal/vertical lines, as discussed a while ago?

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Peut-être que d’un point de vue ergonomie il reste de gros progrès à faire. Pour ne citer que 2 exemples (sur Mac)
1/ Modifier des valeurs dans les spinbox de la zone de gauche n’est pas évident compte tenu de l’affichage
2/ Faire défiler la longue liste de gauche est fastidieux, un tour de molette de souris ne décale que d’une ligne, il faut donc aller sans cesse tout à droite pour agir sur l’ascenseur.
Pour réaliser vos 5 formes, pour moi c’est plutôt 20 mn.
Bravo à vous.

Maybe from an ergonomic point of view there is still a lot of progress to make. To quote only 2 examples (on Mac)
1/ Modifying values in the spinboxes of the left zone is not obvious because of the display
2/ Scrolling the long list on the left is tedious, a turn of the mouse wheel only shifts one line, so you have to go to the right to use the scrollbar.
To make your 5 shapes, for me it’s more like 20 minutes.
Congratulations to you. :+1:

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Hi Jon.
I should have taken an extra 30 seconds to draw those lines in the last shape. :sweat_smile:
You’re right, they are not perfectly perpendicular. I used the line tool for that one. Still no shortcut to make horizontal/vertical lines.
But all the rectangles have 90° angles (rectangle tool).

EDIT: I re-watched my video and you’re right. The rectangles also look a little crooked. They probably didn’t align the book correctly when they scanned that page.

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Oui, je suis d’accord, cela fait partie des améliorations nécessaires. En attendant, il faut modifier manuellement les valeurs des coordonnées et c’est pas évident.

Yes, I agree, this is part of the necessary improvements. In the meantime, you have to change the coordinate values manually and it’s not easy.

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@Namna I agree that Glaxnimate needs to evolve. But for simple shapes like the circle mentioned in this thread, you don’t need the spinboxes or to navigate the elements on the left of the timeline.

Je suis d’accord que Glaxnimate doit évoluer. Mais pour des formes simples comme le cercle mentionné dans ce fil de discussion, vous n’avez pas besoin des spinboxes ou de naviguer dans les éléments à gauche de la timeline.

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The new version (included in 22.09) does have the control key modifier to snap to multiples of 45 degrees.


I’ve been using Glaxnimate all this time and didn’t even noticed. That’s embarrassing. :flushed:

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One very simple way: Use the Text:Simple filter and type “O”. Use a font like Rockwell that has a round circle for this.


For anything with serious animations or screen movement I’d definitely go with glaxnimate. It really isn’t that difficult to learn, especially with some shotcut key frame knowledge. A simple circle animation would be a good beginner project actually. I started by animating a line and did it all wrong using the recording action!

But for a quick circle highlight that fades in and out - or even with a quick mask animation - I still use character map (and I do the same for anything with arrows).

I modified my work-in-progress Tracker to mark the ROI with a circle.

I need to do more testing and fix some things but it could be ready sometime. I’d probably publish it on github or my website when it is ready.