Many issues for the past weeks

I’ve been having tons of problems for the past few weeks

  1. i can barely playback my videos during editing despite having preview scaling

  2. Every action i make eg. add a new track/deleting part of my scene. I’ll have to wait more than 5 minutes as it keeps saying app not responding

  3. I can’t seem to save my project

A simple 15 minute clip needed to be edited takes more than a week with all this issues im facing

I have had the exact same issues. Not number 3.
It all started after updating my Windows 10 september 16. Today I figured I might try to uninstall some of the updates.
Three updates were installed that day.
KB5030211, KB5029919 and Servicingstack 10.0.19041.3385
I first paused any updates for the next 9 days.
Then I uninstalled KB5030211. Rebooted and tried to open my project in Shotcut. No difference. Slow and sluggish.

Then I uninstalled KB5029919. Rebooted and fired up Shotcut. Everything was back to normal.
Give it a try :slight_smile: Good luck, hope it helps.


Sorry to hear about your issues. Can you please tell us:

  • Your OS
  • The version of shotcut you are using
  • Some basic computer specs (RAM, CPU etc)

You mention preview scaling, but do you also have proxy editing enabled? That is extremely important, and without it preview scaling won’t help as much as you might think (especially if your system is struggling).

Other information that will help potentially diagnose your problem:
Did this happen after a recent upgrade, or was the version you are using working just fine, and then one day all hell broke loose for no apparent reason? If this happened after an upgrade, try reverting to an older version that you know worked.

Have you tried a complete uninstall/reinstall, including removing registry entries during the reinstall process? Full instructions on how to do that below.

I would start there. Then begin a new project and import a short video that is NOT in your current project (the one that’s now causing you problems). Edit that and see how it behaves.

This could also be related to certain add-ons like grammarly or even your antivirus.

Do a clean windows boot with startup items disabled (assuming windows) and test again.

If you still have issues and you can’t narrow it down to a windows update (as per @Truls post above) then you could try installing on a different (preferably new) user profile, assuming once again the OS is windows.

It happened only in the current version of shotcut, 23.07.29

Im using a macbook probas my main editor
My computer which had delay and “not responding” issues has cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 5600g RAM: 16GB

And I wasn’t aware proxy would be that useful i shall give it a try on my next projects

Thanks for the info! I’ll try it out!

OK so there’s a clue. Since you’re on a macbook, my windows specific suggestions and the windows updates aren’t relevant. Definitely try reverting to a previous version, and enable proxy when working with 1080p or 4k video.

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