Make playlist sortable

It would come in handy to be able to sort the playlist by clicking on the columns. Clicking multiple times would switch between sorting ascending and descending.

How would I go about implementing this myself and creating a PR? Where do I start?

Shotcut is great!

We chose not to implement this because:

  1. The order of the playlist dictates the order that the entries are played, not just the order that they are displayed. It may not be obvious to people that they have changed the play order.
  2. We do not want to display the playlist entries in an order that is not the play order to ensure that people always get the result they expect
  3. Some of the headings do not make sense to sort by (like start)

We have implemented a context menu item to sort by name and date:

Does that meet your needs?

We welcome contributors. There are technical notes to support developers here:


Thank you @brian, that solves it for me!

Many thanks - this is a big help!