Make an image dissolve

In my reviews and videos I have my logo over the top of the video in the beginning.
I introduce the review, it comes in and then I would like to not fade out but some other fancy way of it leaving.
As it is a single image, I can’t use a transition and so I am stuck on what to do.

Example video

It could transition to transparent using a mask by @jonray:

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Thank you, I will have a play and see if that works!

Going a very different route from @Austin, I tried a quick experiment of adding Size, Position, Rotation to Fade Out Video.

The Shotcut session - “Logo Fun”

The Exported Video - “Logo Fun”

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My logo appears suddenly after the intro with a splat audio.
That I like, it is what I wanted but I want it to finish with either fragmenting, dissolving or even melting away!

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You’ll need some @Elusien magic for that. Maybe he can reply with some additional tools.

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There is a “fragmentation” effect with my WebVfx system, but it requires version 20.07 or earlier of Shotcut. This is an example:

The matte transitions that @jonray shared can make interesting dissolves.


Cool! Thanks @sauron!

Yeah, that’s the direction I was going with it. Thanks @sauron for creating a demo.

A fragmentation effect could be somewhat simulated pretty quickly by using a matte with a checkerboard or other style of fragment pattern, then Size/Position/Rotate to make the logo larger as the transition happens so it looks like it’s blowing apart. Not perfect, but maybe good enough.

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I would try utilizing the same technique as this one, but reverse the gradient of the image used (using a bunch of dots or fragments:

That works too, but transitions are a pain to lengthen or shorten, or to move down the timeline in further editing. “Mask: From File” is enormously easier and more versatile for this specific use case IMO.

I actually find it easier to control as long as the logo is on its own track and you transition it with a color: transparent. You can drag the transition area as long or short as you want

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Yea this could work!
Thank you @sauron
I will have a look for the post where this was explained by @jonray

Yep the logo is on its own track above the main video and background!

Text/image dissolves.
spot remover.mlt (5.6 KB)
mask1.mlt (6.0 KB)
mask3.mlt (6.0 KB)

Made with Shotcut 21.02.15


Had a play with this method and it seems to be the solution for now!
Thank you

A variation of what have been discussed here so far.

I made this one, adapting a technique shown by @jonray in one of his tutorials.

The text is a PNG image with transparent background.
I applied a SP&R filter to the text to make it grow.
On the same track, I then created a transparent clip and merged it into a transition with the text clip.
In the transition Properties, I chose “Custom” and used this image containing noise for the transition.

The sparkles are a bonus. I found that clip on YouTube and used it with a Screen Blend Mode effect on a track between the background image track and the text image track.


Image or Text dissolve or explosion effects are typical 3d animation effects - VFX.
There are lots of tools and plugins available in 3d animation programs to do this - like in Blender for example or cinema4d. I have used some simple effects for these litte intro’s:

Probably there are also tools available for video editing, but not as fancy as in the 3d animation scene.