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I’ve watched some tutorials dealing with color/LUTs using other editors and offering free LUTs. Maybe its my lack of skill but the results aren’t all that promising. I’ve used LUTs with PS and had no problems, I guess my question is a LUT a LUT so to speak?


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Most LUTs offered are usually overpowered or oversaturated because the video editor has the ability to dial down the intensity. At this point, Shotcut does not, so you would need to make a LUT specifically for Shotcut that doesn’t need to be powered down

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The creator of the LUT or a LUT editor can adjust the intensity, but a LUT captures the state of all color and level changes. They are not inherently adjustable. If other tools do allow you to adjust the intensity, they are modifying the LUT in a simplistic manner. You can reduce the intensity of a LUT or any other filter using filters in this order

  1. Mask: Simple Shape with Width and Height = 100%
  2. Opacity (here is where you adjust intensity including keframes)
  3. LUT (or other filters)
  4. Mask: Apply

Great workaround. I’ll try that!

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I would’ve never guessed this combination…

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Thanks Ben, BTW,I enjoyed your “Cat Poop Coffee” video…


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Thanks, Ill give it try…

Thanks for the love! Check out my other tutorials on my channel if you like

I’m saving this to my Evernote for use later on. I have a project coming up that will likely use some creative LUT’s. This is a great work around.

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@shotcut, thanks for this. Never used LUTs before (never had good enough shots to justify it) but this workaround works brilliantly. I’ve learnt so much on here since joining 24hrs ago. Would love to share the knowledge back but right now I’m still learning!

Thank you!!

Thanks @shotcut!


Ahh, the mask trick.
Thanks for doing the tutorial.

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It was overdue

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