Luts does not work

Good day,

I’m trying to embed Lut in a video.
Although inserted but not applied to video.

thank you

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Not all LUT filetypes work on Shotcut. Make sure you have the right type. Others here may be able to confirm. I only use the 3D LUT with a *.cube file extension.

Are you using Windows? If so, there are certain folders that Windows might protect and potentially prevent Shotcut from reading or writing as a security precaution. Remarkably, the Desktop and Downloads are among those folders. If your LUT is in Downloads, that could be an issue. There is a way to turn this behavior off if this describes your situation. Or move all the source files to unprotected folders elsewhere.

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Thanks for the comment.
I tried both .cube / .3dl. Unfortunately, nothing happens.

You don’t say what version of Shotcut you are using. There was a problem in older versions see here:

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