LUTs not working when .cube files are in network location

I use a shared network computer for file storage and edit videos on another computer. I have been doing this for my video/pics/graphics/audio for over a year and have never had issues with Shotcut finding my files. However when I use .cube files stored on the network computer shotcut will let me use one .cube file then it won’t show a change in the preview if I select others. Additionally if I try to close and re open shotcut it can’t find the .cube file, I have to manually replace it and the project file is repaired.

When I use .cube files stored on my editing computer C drive I don’t have these issues. This is not a huge deal to me but I wanted to expose the issue.

I noticed that when I re open shotcut and it can’t find the .cube file, the location where shotcut is looks is incorrect.

It should be:


It insteads looks for:


I’m using version 20.02.17. Both my editing computer and storage computer are windows 10. I just started using LUTs so I’m not sure if this problem is in other versions.

I’m having the same problem. If I supply “\\localhost\c$\Stock\MyLut.cube” as the filename and save the MLT, the path is changed to “/c$/Stock/MyLut.cube”. This happens at the time the LUT filename is selected in the GUI, and not at MLT save time. As in, if I add a LUT filter and give it a UNC path, click to select another clip, then click back to the first clip and look at the LUT filter again, it already says “No file loaded” beside the LUT browse button because the path rewrite has already happened. This particular test was on Windows 7 with 20.02.17.

This is fixed for the next version 20.04

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