LUT-3D Viewer

Don’t you just sigh when you want to use a LUT out of the 20 or more that you have and you have to go through each one individually to find the one with the effect that you are looking for?

Then sigh no longer. I have created a LUT-3D (.cube file) Viewer that you can feed an image into along with all thos LUTs and will give you a preview of how the image wood look with each LUT applied.

For Shotcut: just export a frame from a typical scene in your video as a PNG or JPG, feed that into the viewer, size it (if necessary), feed in the LUTs (.cube files) and hey presto, the previews appear. When you decide which one you like just hover your cursor over it and the name of the .cube file appears,

To access the app just go to: Resources for Shotcut (


Works like a charm. Thank you!

I was fed up with going through each one at a time. I downloaded a viewer from the internet, it was written in Python and Qt, had almost 150 files spread over 15 folders, only ran on Windows and took forever to generate each preview. Mine is just 440 lines of code, runs in (almost) any browser, on any system and works considerably faster, so I thought I’d make it available for the community.

Awesome tool, thanks for making it and sharing it

I just put a new version on the “Resources” website. It now runs over 5 times faster! I did this by changing 3 lines of code from:




Hi @Elusien

I have this crazy idea of a display-LUTs-in-a-single-column option.
Some LUTs are very subtle so when scrolling up and down, it would make it possible to compare each of the LUTs side by side with the original image.
What do you think?

Just shrink the width of your browser and it will happen automatically.

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Ah! Of course :smiley:
And the height too, to make it possible to get to the last LUTS

Exactly. Being browser-based you get a lot of options for “free”, which makes it so easy developing web apps, as opposed to other apps, where you have to handle all the interactions yourself.

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Version on the webpage updated

  • slight improvement in performance ~15% to 20%;
  • change to the way the menu is displayed after choosing the LUT(s).
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