LUT (3D) regulace

Hi is it possible to somehow control the intensity of the “cube” in the LUT (3D) filter like Photo Editor allows. Thank you for the answer.

Have a look here

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Hi @pmmvideostudio

Yes it is possible.
Use all these filters (in THAT order)

Select the Mask: Simple Shape filter and:

  • Make the Size parameters match the dimensions of your project (e.g.: If you are working on a 1920x1080 project, set the Size parameters to 1920 and 1080).
  • Make sure the Position parameters are at 0 and 0.

Import a LUT

Use the Opacity filter to change the intensity of the LUT


Děkuji jak jednoduché jen vědět jak na to.
Thank you as simple as just knowing how to do it.