Lost sound after patch

I’ve been using Shotcut for quiet some time, and generally to get sound to work while editing I went to Settings>Audio Channels>changed channels to anything, then back to 2 (stereo) and this was my fix. Every time I booted Shotcut I had to do this.

I patched today 10/24/23 just to see what new things were implemented and can’t get audio to work at all now. Yea unmuted, no filters, yadda yadda yadda. This is raw footage before even beginning to edit. Play the footage and have sound, export the vid, have sound, just not while editing.

Any suggestions? tyia

Maybe this

nope, followed the suggestions in multiple threads to no avail. I do not see a library where previous versions of Shotcut are available for download. Is there a library somewhere?

I’m probably somewhat unique as I’m running a high end machine which I also stream from, and have multiple audio devices attached. I’m familiar with work arounds as the GoXLR was a challenge in itself. Looks like it may be time to finally pony up for a license for Adobe.

The download page has a link to the version from Dec. 2022 for Windows 7/8 that many users prefer, and there is a link further down the page to a library for every previous version.

I do not know which version I had before this crippling update and do not wish to go all the way back the Dec 2022 version. Any idea how long it will be before this issue is resolved?

While I hate to learn a new video editing software, I’ve purchased a copy of Davinci Resolve but would prefer to continue using Shotcut. Davinci installed and ran immediately w/o any issues, but I lothe the idea of learning how to use it.

Probably never. No developer reproduces it, obviously, and there is very rarely anyone outside the team to contribute a fix.

Question may be stupid:
Is the player’s “scrub audio” function enabled?

actually have no idea. I installed the new version, it didn’t work, tried a few suggestions, uninstalled. Learning Davinci now.

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