Losing my Synchronicity

Can’t work out what I am doing wrong, but, after having cut a clip in time with the music, when I go back to start and view it all again, then the timing has shifted ever so slightly and is out already from the first cut. I have redone the clip now half a dozen times but the problem persists.
Has anyone else experienced issues like this?
Suggestions would be very much appreciated.

There can be inconsistent audio synchronization if the source clip has variable frame rate. In the clip properties, you can see the frame rate and you can click the “Convert” button to make it more compatible.


  1. Share a screenshot of your source clip properties panel
  2. Try the “Convert” button on a clip and see if it works better

Thanks for taking the time to respond, Brian, really appreciate your help.
Meanwhile, however, as I was playing with the project yesterday after I posted my appeal for help, I realised that when I keep playing the clip over it is only some of the time that the audio is out of sync.
And I started to wonder (I am only new to this and am still very much learning) if the problem could be related to the fact that the video always seems to be running ‘rough’, like in jerky, stop-start motion. It is like the timeline stumbles and freezes on certain random frames and then catches up by skipping several other frames in quick order to get to the current point of playback.
And, I think it might be. Because, although the audio at times can be distorted and a bit rough itself, it doesn’t seem to be doing the freeze thing, and thus, it momentarily gets ahead of the vision at the points when freezes occur (only, of course, to be caught up at the next skip).
I don’t know if any of this makes sense. But, please let me ask this: Is it normal for the video to be rough, or do I have a problem? The effect does not transfer to the finished product when exported, it runs smooth as an MP4 file.
Would love your thoughts. Thank you very much.

It can be normal if your computer struggles to process all the video frames in real-time.

That is good news. That means your project produces a good result but your computer struggles to give smooth preview when editing. There are “tricks” to help make the preview smoother if you are interested:

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