How to Reduce Lag when Video Editing

Hi All,
If you are struggling to edit a video, or it is playing badly in the preview pane, you may want to consider this tutorial. Hope it helps!

Please let me know what you think and if I can improve for next time!

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Thanks!, That is useful, but Ben Espanto has already made a tutorial on this. Most of us are already following the same by seeing Ben’s Tutorial.

Nice addition to your Shotcut Complete Tutorial playlist Joe. Love the use of the toy car as an example to explain what proxies are. :+1:

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Thank you! This has answered all of the newbie questions in my head, the biggest being can I use the proxy files for other projects. Excellent detailed explanation and instructions.


The proxy files are ordinary video files on your system, and can be used as such.

…but do not use them with an app which will modify them.

You can use them as the starting point for edits in another app.

Just don’t use them in a video editing app which modifies the original file (as some smartphone effects apps do, and some subtitling apps also do), and then expect them to work as before in Shotcut.

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Thank you. Hmm, maybe I should hide the folder to keep obnoxious apps at bay. :laughing:

As a newby here I discovered this “Proxy” feature. Equally new to a Gopro, I discovered that if the recording was made at a high def setting a series of “.LV” files were also created. It occurs to me that these “.LV” serve a similar purpose as “Proxies” for the Gopro editing app (which is painful to use).
My query is, is it possible to import these “.LV” files to use as proxies and save some time generating them?

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Yes. Read my post here.

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Thank you so much for this tutorial Joe! Short and to the point :+1:

Not a problem at all, I’m happy to help! :slight_smile: