Long video: Timeline very slow

I am working on a long video (8 hours, from a dashcam). Because of this, the timeline responds very slow, creating an unworkable situation. Is there any best practice to improve this. I am seeking a way to split the movies (with each a mlt file) and to have them merged at the end of the task.


The more filters you add will slow down the preview. Depending upon how much memory you have in your computer and speed of your CPU will determine response time.

Splitting your work into segments may help. Is the original footage an 8 hour video? My very limited knowledge of dashcams, I had thought they wrote to 3 to 5 minute video clips.

If you’re wanting to process say 10 3-minute clips at once, then yes the MLT clip option may be better.

You would open the saved “MLT XML as Clip”, it loads into the source viewer.


The video clips are indeed 3 minutes (following my camera setting). But I already made progress: Already made a selection of dash cam files, added them to the timeline and added the transitions. Its my first usage of Shotcut. Now I am in process to add titles.I face the timeline starts to be unworkable slow.
How to split the current project in various sub projects and have them merged at the end? If I understand well using the Open MLT XLM as Clip feature to merge the project. But how to split the project first?

Consider not using the Timeline and using only Playlist. You will have to give up transitions and multiple tracks. If you want to add audio, you can do that as a separate, second step using the timeline. If you must us the timeline, turn off the audio waveforms in the Timeline menu.

Work only in the Source player and Export from the source. After using Open MLT XML as clip, use the trimming tools to select the time portion you want to export.

I use a i7 processor, vnand SSD card and 16 Gb memory.

" working on a long video … timeline responds very slow, … unworkable"

If you expect to be doing this often, vdongen, consider adding video card, the biggest your budget can afford, to your system. A video card can make a dramatic improvement in this situation. It did in mine, using just a cheap video card.

D_S has some very useful comments on good video cards at Hardware Encoding - Not Found

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