Loading a saved project, and my filters are all gone

I haven’t been using Shotcut filters a lot, but when I do, the project file that it saves does not load back with any of the filters that I applied appearing in the filters list. Upon loading my project file, I have one clip in the timeline, and the filters list not only does not show the filters that I applied, but it states that nothing is selected even when I click to select the clip.

I sure would appreciate any help.

You need to give more information about your situation. Please read this post.

I’ve included all of the info I could find from the requesting support page. I’ve found that once saved, closed, and reloaded, the .mlt project file also did not restore the previous video output settings.

Good. :slight_smile:

You have a very outdated version from almost a year ago. Go to the downloads page which you can get to on the menu above and download the latest version (18.10.08). Try again with the new version to see if the problem still happens then come back and let us know.

did not restore the previous video output settings

Those are not saved.

Old versions have some selection state bugs such that you need to re-select something.

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