Liquify or Mesh filter request

hello shotcut developers, is it possible for you to create a liquify or mesh filter?

liquify filter:
we can drag the video and it will be transformed based on which area, on what direction we drag, and how much we drag. There should also be a slider (0 - 100%) to choose how much it transforms (with keyframes) (e.g. you mess with a picture for a bit, 100%: you will see the liquified image, 50% if for example you pulled the image to the right by like 100 pixels, its now only pulled by 50 pixels, and 0% means that the picture is completely normal [this will be used for morph transitions])
(there should also be an option to reset)

mesh filter:
it is similar to a liquify filter but we have to choose how many times the video will subdivide in the vertical and horizontal directions and how smooth it should be, it will be like a precise version of the liquify filter
(please also do the slider on this one for transitions if you guys cant make the liquify)
(there should also be an option to reset)

if you guys can please do at least one of them so we can make bizarre, funny, weird, or unique things in our videos

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The Grid filter can be used for this one.


i meant like the mesh transform in “ibis paint x” app

new users can only embed one media per post sorry

Additionally, the control points should be able to be keyframed.

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alot of other video editors have this and it would be great for ytps!


YTP defined here:

Oh well… that’s embarrassing. I actually participated to that discussion haha

Stop using acronyms, kids ! There are old people visiting this forum :face_with_monocle:
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Thanks @Austin :+1:

Sooooooooooo, you had amnesia and wish people would use longer titles? Eh, eh? :rofl:

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Embarrassment Level 2 now.
Thanks again @Austin. :grin:
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"|The current working definition is a video that has been made with appropriated footage and collage editing techniques to for the purpose of either annoying or entertaining viewers in the increasingly indifferent world of YouTube.|”|
| — | — |
|―YouTube Poop News FAQ|

Youtube Poop by Ambalizzy-0.jpg

YouTube Poop (commonly abbreviated to YTP) is a style of video that is considered to be a mashup of pre-existing media and editing it for the purpose of entertainment, humour, shock and/or confusion.

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@kagsundaram the confusion purpose seems to be targeted right at me :slight_smile:


YTPs are known for being removed from YouTube following DMCA complaints, since many of them use videos that are copyright. However, in the UK people to use copyrighted material for the purposes of parady, pastiche or caricature is allowed without being seen as infringing on the copyright of the material. - see Wikipedia for more info.


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