Lines in my video?

How do I fix this?

It while capturing with Shotcut?
The source capture is like that, right?

I use Bandicam to record and then put it into Shotcut for editing which is the only time I have noticed it happening so I thought it was just in editing preview and then it come out in my video as well. So no it was only there after putting it into Shotcut.

Going to need information about your computer, project, and source files to really help you.
Please read this post: —> Requesting Support
Not quite sure how this is a bug.

I fixed the issue on my own by removing the program and obtaining a new program that does not have the issue. Shotcut has so many issues that I just decided against trying to use it all together.

I use Shotcut all of the time without the issue you describe. It’s the first I’ve seen what you describe.