Laggy UI and Unnameable Tracks

I’m trying to edit a video for my YouTube channel (same name as account), and the program keeps lagging when trying to select tracks. I also can’t rename the tracks at all, which is kind of annoying since I’m working on a project that requires at least 2 video tracks and 3 audio tracks. Could anyone please help me try to fix these issues?

For how long have you been using Shotcut?

What version number of Shotcut are you using?

Which operating system are you on?

I’ve been using Shotcut for almost a year, I’m using version 20.02.17 on Windows 10.

How are you trying to do it? I have no problem. Currently, you must press Enter for the change to be accepted. That is already changed for the next version to accept any action that leaves the field.

As for the complaint about laggy, there is no fix. A lot of people complain about Shotcut being laggy in general. There is no easy “fix;” it is what it is. So, I ignore these comments now. Work within the limitations of the tool on your machine.

Whenever I try to edit them, by clicking on the name of the track, it’s not that the edits don’t save, it’s that nothing happens. I checked the tutorials to see if there’s something I’m doing wrong, but that’s what they said to do.

Try the different options in Settings > Display Method

Automatic, OpenGL, and DirectX don’t change anything, and I don’t have the proper drivers for the “Software” setting.

Upon reviewing the code, I recall now that changing the name does not work when the timeline is floating, not docked into the main window. You can temporarily re-dock it into the main window to rename the tracks and then float it again.

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