Keystone correction filter

Keystone correction is when an image is warped so that it can fit in a frame. For example, projectors use keystone correction when they are positioned at an angle so the image projected onto a wall isnt in a perfect shape. it would be helpful when putting images or videos above a video of a laptop or something so it looks like the video is being displayed on the laptop.
This image is a good example.

thanks for reading!

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I posted an idea like this a while ago.

In this post there are some links to filters made by our community that work similarly to this.

There’s a corners filter that can be used for this. (3.7 KB)

Some of the parameters are not fully functional.

Why not creating a filter with simple “X-axis”- and “Y-axis”-rotation like in the Rutt-Etra-Izer Filter. Maybe with Keyframes.

Where to put the “00 corners”-Folder in?
EDIT: Gotit- …/Shotcut/share/shotcut/qml/filters

Je pense que ce filtre devrait s’appeler “correction de l’anamorphose”.

On pourrait peut être commencer par libérer la contraire du filtre existant “taille et position”
et reprendre la contrainte avec un raccourci clavier du genre "ctrl shif"t, "“ctrl alt shift”, “alt shift”
comme dans les logiciels d’art graphique gimp, inkscape…