Corner Pinning

Does shotcut support corner pinning effect?
If so, how should I do it?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome!
What can we imagine under your question?

Like this?

There is an add-on filter in that thread, but it is not user-friendly enough to include yet in Shotcut releases. Still, you might be able to figure it out.

Hi! Thank you for your replies
This is the effect I want to achieve

Any ideas?

Shotcut doesn’t have motion tracking yet. Corner pinning can be done manually with many key frames and some time and effort.

This one can be done with size and position and rotate and scale filters.

The demo you provided needs the corners filter. It’s available here but it’s not included in the standard Shotcut installation and the UI is not 100% complete.

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Kdenlive perspective corner pin effect reproduced with Shotcut 20.02 Beta using corners filter.


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