Keyframes that speed up and then slow down

I was wondering if it is possible to add a check mark in the GUI for filters that use keyframes so that the keyframes are less linear and have more of a curve to them. For example, instead of having text start moving and it stops linearly where it just starts and stops maybe it can be to it accelerates as it starts off the key frame and then it slows down. It could be a drop down menu right at the bottom of a filters GUI and I was thinking of it being a drop down menu because if it does get implemented maybe more keyframe styles could be added.

When you use advanced keyframes, you can right-click to change the Interpolation to Smooth and then add more keyframes as needed. There are some examples here in the forum, and maybe someone will locate one to share with you.

Your request is for an “easing function” such as you can use with HTML/CSS animation (e.g. here:

The easing functions are usually attributed to Robert Penner and are Discussed in Chapter 7 of Robert Penner’s Programming Macromedia Flash MX (including graphs of the easing equations)

I use them in my WebVFx javascipt framework. It isn’t beyond the wit of man e.g. to knock up an excel spreadsheet if you aren’t au fait with Javascript to give you the relevant keyframe values for each type of easing.

This thread has examples that demonstrate mixing different key frame types.

oh ok. thanks. so its already a feature or do i have to add multiple keyframe points to make it smooth? (just to clarify)

What we have can be used to approximate it, but it much less convenient than easing.