Keyframes size and position

I have no problem zooming in and out with keyframes. Perhaps what I’m trying to do can’t be done.

I have a short clip where I’d like to zoom and and back out. The main action I’d like to zoom in on takes place more towards right of center of the screen.

After enlarging the clip through size and position I thought it might be possible to move the clip off to one side so the zoom in goes more towards the action that is right of center. Unfortunately no matter how I position it, the zoom always seems to go upper center.

Perhaps I’m missing a step to do this, or perhaps it’s just not possible, I’m not sure which.

So can my video clip Zoom in towards the right to catch the action taking place right of center?

Thanks for any help.

Cut the clip into pieces to add complex keyframing. It requires a lot of cleanup though.

The next version of Shotcut (Personal estimate: expected in 2-3 weeks) is supposed to have advanced keyframes for the size and position filter, so this workaround will be out of date then.

Sounds like I’ll wait a bit, thanks.

Just to clarify: “will be out of date then” does not mean “it will not work any more”. This method/solution should still work in the next version, but we can expect there to be a more convenient way to do it then in addition to this - using advanced keyframes.

Made this preset a while back. You might want to try it to see if it’ll do what you want to do.

Zoom 3X Pan Right.txt (265 Bytes)

If you want use it put the file in:

The S&P simple key-frames can do quite a bit. Don’t underestimate what can be done with them. @QDSOV made this excellent tutorial that can show you how to get the most out of the current key-frames.

Thanks I’ll keep playing with it.

Not sure if I did things the way you described, but I did get what I wanted. This one is a little rough since it’s my first try, zoomed in a bit too much. But with practice I’m sure I can do what I wanted.


Looks pretty good.:slight_smile:

Once you get the hang of how the screen size and positioning works, zooming and panning will be a piece of cake.

Well I still don’t have the numbers down from your explanation, I will work on understanding that better. But reading it did give me enough so I could experiment through trial and error, and there were a lot of errors, I got basically what I was looking for.

Thanks again